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I'll just start with the "bad" news. This is the last edition of my Photo of the Month.

The good news is that it's because we've reached a significant milestone, where it feels right to end our journey. It has been 10 years of these monthly picks. The one you see here is #120.

I chose this image because with this final photo comes a lot of looking back. Or, is it looking forward? Quite a bit of both perhaps.

These ten dozen images have taken us around the world, up in the sky and below the sea, back in time, to the middle of the ocean, to otherworldly places, and into purely visual abstractions.

This shot was taken in Stresa, a small town on the shore of Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, and with it - in a way - we come full circle.

From the photo that started off this series back in May of 2009, and the story behind it, we arrive here. Where that story left off, this one finishes. Go ahead and visit the archive, scroll back ten years and revisit that first piece.

This was mon "Amour" in Italy almost 12 years ago. Now, we are getting ready to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.

So...yeah, looking back as well as forward.


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