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from randy kato

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Clowns are people too.

Here one waits patiently for his food in a corner pizza joint. He tries to blend in wearing street clothes, but a clown is always a clown.

This is, in fact, a serious clown. He is a graduate of Ringling Clown College and an incredible veteran performer. He is also a good friend of mine.

The real story behind this shot is that we were on a gig together. We had been traveling, loading in, preparing, and rehearsing all day. We had a short dinner break before the show, and after a while exploring the neighborhood we forewent the more exotic options and - as New Yorkers do - hit the pizza place.

This posture and expression may evoke a particular clown persona, but really it's just how one looks when hungry and waiting for food that took a ludicrously long time to arrive.


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