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from randy kato

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A "photograph" is, by its etymology, a recording or drawing of light.

This month's pick is certainly that; the light is what stopped me in my tracks and made me want to capture it.

Recently I have been doing a number of outdoor gigs in freezing temperatures in the midwest and northeast. Ugh. But the most recent outdoor gig took me to Bermuda!

This wintry wonderland setting is one of the tables set inside a white tent, all decorated in a snowy winter theme. Ironically this tent was set up on the croquet lawn of a tropical island resort surrounded by palm trees.

I had escaped the actual icy winter, only to arrive at a manufactured one. Oh well, I'm not complaining. Escaping this 'winter' just meant walking out of the tent and going to the pool, or to the beach.

But there is something I find striking about this juxtaposition of motif and location, especially when the light from that low tropical sun makes the snowflakes sparkle and the shadows of palm and pine trees mingle.

One might even see it as a statement on climate change...or it's just a pretty party.


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