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from randy kato

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This image keeps coming back to me, like a recurring dream.

This is the Pont du Gard, an ancient (1st century) triple-tiered Roman aqueduct in the south of France. It's a technical and artistic masterpiece, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but here it's honestly just a blurred backdrop.

The shot I was trying to achieve was one of those over-under half underwater photos. I managed to get a few - they are very tricky, especially in a moving river - but none were particularly good.

It's this 'mistake' that was barely yet completely above water, that really takes me back to that place, that summer.

I think it's because it truly captures my actual view as I lay almost fully submerged in that cool river water amidst idyllic, dreamlike surroundings and people engaged in nothing but pure leisure.


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