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Recently I've been seeing lots of animals, in the zoo, in shows, and in parades. I've also been exploring the new portrait mode in my phone camera (it's really great!).

So I'm bringing these two disparate things together with this month's pic, albeit with a couple of twists.

The animal in this 'portrait' was not in captivity, and the depth of field was achieved the old-fashioned way - with lens and aperture - not through software.

This is one of the wild horses of La Camargue in the south of France. These horses are one of the oldest breeds in the world and have lived wild there for thousands of years. This one and its friends woke me up in my tent.

The area, known as "the end of the world" (if you've been you'll understand), is also home to enormous flocks of flamingos and native cattle. The humans that inhabit the place - at least when it used to be more free and untamed years ago - were a breed of wildlife worthy of their own National Geographic study.

That was one of the most mystical places I have ever been.


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