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from randy kato

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Most of the time when I'm selecting a photo to feature, an image will jump out at me because it relates to something that's on my mind at the time, or something that happened recently.

This month...nothing.

I kept looking through images again and again and none of them had a clear answer to the question "why should I choose you?"

So I resorted to picking images that I just like - no other relevance necessary. Here is today's winner.

I like this one for a number of reasons. On a technical level, these shots with the sun at the subject's back can be very tricky to expose. I'm quite pleased with the lighting, composition and perspective, as well as the luck of capturing a nice portrait.

On a personal level, my reasons outweigh the technical ones. It's from a trip that I've featured several times before. No, it's not Burning Man, it's the south of France. Dear friends on holiday in an idyllic setting, basking in that golden summer sun that you know - if not firsthand - from so many famous paintings.


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