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It took its sweet time, but winter finally hit us here in NYC, and it hit hard. We've been frozen solid for the past week.

While I enjoy the change of seasons, this prolonged, abnormally frigid weather is quite unpleasant.

For this month's pick let's go back just a few weeks to a more pleasant time. It's an event I look forward to every year. (No, it is not SantaCon, which happened to be the same day I took this photo.) It is the first real snow of the season in NYC. I love everything about it.

It's incredibly transformative. Looking out the window and seeing snowflakes lifts the mood, whereas raindrops dampen it. It transforms the city as well, coating it in a fluffy white blanket creating a fresh new landscape, quieting it, and slowing it all down. To have such an effect on a city like this is magical.

This is in my local park, Tompkins Square. The thing I like most about this shot is the lights that add random pockets of warmth. But the lights shouldn't be on during the day...that's another trick of the snow, covering the light sensors and triggering the park lights to turn on.


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