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As I am deep in party prep mode for the first of our three wedding celebrations, this image set my mind adrift.

This is from "back in the day" at a party on the Frying Pan, an old sunken lightship that was raised, restored, and brought to NYC. We had many great times on that old ship. I still remember the first time I entered her barnacle-encrusted hull (the interior retains it's sunken-ship motif) - it was one of those mysterious, other-worldly experiences that sparked my NYC awakening.

The parties were freeform and magical. Akin to Burning Man, the 'entertainment' was provided by the participants; marching bands, fire performers, dancers, performance artists, and of course the documentarians all came to do their thing and share their art with wild abandon.

So I wonder what our upcoming party will create. Some of the same friends who made the aforementioned parties happen will be there along with many of their ilk.

Let's see what happens...


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