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Do not be fooled. This is no joke. We are getting married!

This month's photo is of our wedding bands - the finished product.

A photograph is but an instant, framed on four sides, sometimes re-touched and re-worked, then presented as a finished product. But what fascinates me is what goes into creating that product, be it a photograph or a ring.

There's nothing quite so satisfying as making something with your own hands. Many years ago my partner took me to a hula hoop making workshop. We took raw irrigation tubing supplies & decorative tape, measured, cut, bent, heated, connected, taped, and came out with our own hula hoops.

Those hoops started us on a journey into the incredible worlds of flow, fire, and circus.

So it seemed only too appropriate to make our own wedding bands.

We took raw silver, measured, annealed, pickled, rolled, bent, sawed, soldered, hammered, polished, brushed, and came out with our own rings.

Let's see what wonderful journey these rings take us on...


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