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When I first moved to NYC, I rented a tiny studio apartment in what was - before the renovation - a crack house in the East Village. Two floors directly above me was a couple who would later become very dear friends.

They were both in school, her for graphic design and him for photography. We met when she and I helped another neighbor after a pipe burst in their apartment. Then she saw my place with a bunch of travel photos and didgeridoos, and realized we were of the same tribe, though my wanderlust pales in comparison to theirs.

So what does this NYC story have to do with this month's photo? Fast forward to today, when that young photography student whom I used to party and go camping with is a National Geographic photographer.

He wrote and photographed a beautiful story for Nat Geo that came out last month. It's a loving tribute to a very special place.

I know it's special because I went there. Shortly after they graduated, they left NYC on a one way trip to northern Pakistan. A couple years later I decided to go visit. That was in 2001, just a few months before things would change forever.

My photos - like my wanderlust - cannot compare, but after reading his article, I immediately thought of this image. It's from the same region and I feel like it evokes the same sensibilities.

I have many stories of my own, just from my short visit to this idyllic region nestled between the mighty Himalaya and Karakoram mountain ranges. But for now I'll leave you with three boys fishing.


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