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Around this time of year, many years ago, I returned to New York City from my first cross-country road trip. Several photos from that adventure have been featured here.

Not long after I returned, I was offered a spot on a journey by sea. I took it.

The incredibly gorgeous and historic 70' Sparkman and Stephens yacht, Petrel, was heading up to Martha's Vineyard for the winter after delighting countless people with summer sails around New York Harbor.

She needed crew for the trip, and I had been sailing her as a volunteer crew member for the past two summers. The others on board were veterans with many more seasons under their belts, so it was quite an honor to be invited on what was said to be one of the best trips every year.

It was my first multi-day sail, my first sail that didn't end at the same dock where it began, and my first time to Martha's Vineyard. And it was as wonderful as reputed.

Our first night on the island, we found ourselves in a pub with a pool table. In this month's photo, volunteer crew member Tom sinks a couple shots - all while I keep the shutter open for a long exposure.

With so many fantastic memories from that trip, I never would have remembered that game of pool in the back of that pub if it weren't for this picture.

Petrel, sadly, is gone. Though her legacy lives on. The man shooting pool is now operating a couple of sailing yachts in NY Harbor, inspired by the Petrel.


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