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We are currently on a big cross-country road trip. So, I've selected a photo from my very first cross-country adventure.

And what an adventure it was...a dozen friends piled into a big converted silver school bus rolling west fueled as much by wanderlust as by diesel. It was such an adventure that this is the 7th photo of the month to come from that trip.

Now this was well before smartphones and GPS. Our navigation system was just a good old paper road atlas. On that atlas, somebody spotted a tiny speck in Nebraska called "Funk." As any self-respecting group of urban hippies would, we made a slight detour to check it out.

It was a wet gray day that somehow suited this middle-of-nowhere town of 198 people - as if Funk was, well, in a funk.

That's when you send in the clowns.

Rising above the funk here is Ernesto, aka Chico, one of the boldest and most fearless people I've ever known. I could say a lot about Chico, but I think this picture is worth...


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