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from randy kato

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Last month's photo was inspired by fire, yet contained none. This month, let's get real with the flames.

A couple weeks ago we performed at a marvelous festival called Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream, which - in the words of its creators - "is a world where life becomes art and dreams become reality." It takes place on a beautiful beach that has views of the NYC skyline out across the water. It's there, right about where that boat is, but since this is just before sunrise, it's in the dark.

Our official fire performances were at night, but these sunrise sessions were just for us...and the people gathered along the shore to greet the dawning of a new day. They're magical.

Here we have our lovely friends KaytiBunny and Ali Luminescent dancing with fire as if to illuminate the night sky and summon the giant flaming orb that gives us all life.


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