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The past week leading up to Memorial Day was Fleet Week here in NYC. This 28 year old annual celebration is packed full of commemorations, parades, and demonstrations with the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

But what is most noticeable is that the entire city is awash with sailors in uniform. Sailors playing tourist in Times Square, Marines smoking on the stoop with their homies in the old neighborhood, all in crisp neat uniforms.

These uniforms date back decades if not centuries. So there is a timelessness to them. This month's photo is a Polaroid transfer print I made during Fleet Week years ago. With the backdrop of the old seaport and the uniforms it was already a scene that could have been from our great grandparents' time. The printing process just adds to the illusion.

And it is all illusion. These four young men, clothed in matching garb, photographed and printed to amplify an effect, are unknown. Who are they? Where are they from? Why did they join the Navy? There is just the tiniest hint of individual style expressed in the tilt of each of their caps. Beyond that, we can only imagine.


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