photo of the month
from randy kato

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This month I feel like going a bit more introspective. It has been a month full of reflection, achievements, setbacks, opportunities, challenges.

This is something I caught a fleeting glimpse of, but it immediately struck me with its beauty. So I tried to capture it.

Perhaps it was more than just its visual impact that appealed to me. Maybe it was a reflection of how I've been feeling - so many things all somehow affecting each other and leading toward a future I cannot see.

I am tempted to not explain what this image is, and if you would like to take it in purely visually, stop reading now.

This photo is literally a convergence of reflections, created by looking between two large dance studio mirrors that are facing each other. There, I said it. Somehow it doesn't detract from the magic or the many different things I see while staring into it.


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