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Welcome to Snowmageddon 2016. It happened almost exactly one year after Snowmageddon 2015.

I truly love these huge snow storms (though this one really screwed up a lot of plans I had). Any decent NYC snowfall makes for a city that slows down, becomes quieter, and brings out the kid in us all.

These major storms go even further and will essentially shut down the whole city. Soon after the travel ban was issued - no vehicles other than emergency ones are allowed on the streets - we all come out and take back the streets.

A nice leisurely stroll down the middle of a major avenue anyone? . . . snowball fights with strangers, building snowmen, sledding, urban snowboarding? Yes please and thank you!

This is 2nd Street looking east from Avenue A, just outside our front door, still in the midst of the storm.

I love this city and all its various weather-based personas.


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