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As the sun sets on another year, I chose a sunset shot for this month.

This is Pierbaai Beach in Curaçao, and this was taken from a little table where we sat and enjoyed happy hour.

If you could look backwards from this photo, you would see two wonderful little seafood restaurants that overlook the bay. It was at one of these that I first ate lion fish, and it was soooo delicious! Even better, I was doing my part to help curb the spread of this voracious invasive species in the area.

If you could look even further back, past the restaurants and across the street, you would see The Dive Bus, a really great dive shop where we got our open water scuba diving certification. All of our confined training dives took place right below the water you see in this picture.

It was with The Dive Bus that we continued to make more dives where we had the most amazing experiences seeing turtles, seahorses, octopi, barracuda, eels of all kinds, dozens of types of the most extravagantly colorful fish and coral (including lion fish that are as beautiful as they are tasty), swimming with schools of squid, and being engulfed inside a bait ball of hundreds of thousands of fish as they swirled and swarmed, chased by a school of jacks on the hunt.

This was our Thanksgiving.

So as we look back with gratitude, let's also look forward to another year full of further adventures and learning new things.


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