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I recently returned from Chicago, where I attended the magnificent Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival.

One of the (many) highlights of the festival was to be an outdoor performance by the Swedish circus company Magmanus in Chicago's lovely Millenium Park. This was the first show I went to see at the festival. It had to be canceled due to rain - their high-level acrobatics don't work when things are wet and slippery. Of course, as soon as they packed up the show and left, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Happily, they were able to perform that night on the main stage at the historic Athenaeum Theatre, and then resumed their outdoor shows the next couple days. They are currently on tour and if you see them coming to your town, GO! It is an incredible show and they do it outdoors, free to the public.

So there I was in the park with no show to see and some time to kill. Lucky for me Millenium Park is full of amazing art. From Frank Gehry's Jay Pritzker Pavilion and BP Bridge (look these up, they are stunning!) to Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate, commonly known as The Bean, which you see here.

This massive sculpture is like a giant bean-shaped drop of liquid mercury. It's perfectly smooth curved surface paired with the light rain to make for some really interesting visuals.

Had the show gone on, I may have never wandered around the corner to see it.


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