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Happy Spring!

This month's photo probably isn't the type of spring flowers shot you'd expect. There are certainly plenty of colorful flowers. But more importantly, there's the attitude - "Hey Baby, it's springtime, let's celebrate!"

Back in the days of the (first) dot-com boom, I was working in Silicon Alley here in NYC. It was a time when the industry hot shots would throw big blowout parties just because they could.

Case in point... a Silicon Alley company rolls into town for a tech conference (that's all about one of their products) and rents out one of NYC's biggest, most famous nightclubs. They bring George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic in for the night, invite everybody, and let tomorrow be damned. What I remember of that party was truly awesome.

It was at just this event, that I was able to go right up to the stage and test out Leica's first digital camera with a whopping 1.3 megapixel resolution! At that time, capturing an image like this with a compact digital camera in this type of lighting was amazing.

It was the springtime of digital photography.


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