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Considering this is a mid-winter message sent from NYC - which has been numbed by weeks of sub-freezing weather - you may view this month's image as an icy landscape.

But don't be fooled. That water isn't frozen solid, it's hot!

These are the travertine terraces of Pamukkale, which means "cotton castle" in Turkish. There isn't much else around, but this natural wonder has drawn people from far and wide with its surreal beauty and restorative mineral baths for thousands of years.

Yes, it was crawling with tourists. Yes, it was still absolutely worth it.

The Romans actually built a spa town on top called Hierapolis back in the BCs, and one of the highlights was swimming/bathing in the crystal clear sacred pool that is littered with ancient marble columns and stone carvings.

This photo is but one tiny sliver of the marvel of Pamukkale. So I highly recommend checking out more views of this magical place.


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