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This month's choice is a picture of my friend Martin diving into Upper Kachura Lake, a gorgeous little gem tucked high up in the Karakoram mountains of northern Pakistan. We were visiting friends who were living in the town nearby and took a magical hike to the lake.

Martin passed away a few years after this.

I though of him and this photo/memory because recently people close to me have been having accidents...accidents that could have easily been fatal, and in one case was. In the mix of gratitude for those still with us (and making full recoveries) and sorrow for those who left us far too early, this image kept coming to mind. It has always been one of my favorites.

While the reasons that led me to choose this photo may be sad, sadness is the least of what I feel when I see it now. It reminds me of the lust for life and the adventurous nature that would lead someone to a tiny lake way up in the mountains of northern Pakistan, where they would just dive right in.

It reminds me why we're friends. For that - for what you see here - I am grateful.


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