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from randy kato

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I recently sold some Polaroid film (that hasn't been in production for several years) and a Daylab machine used for exposing Polaroid/instant film which is also years out of production.

I sold these things because I am no longer making the image transfer prints and emulsion lifts that required them. Several factors led me away from creating these prints, and after realizing I wasn't going to utilize my stockpile of film I figured somebody might want it.

It turns out there's a huge demand for the film. Of course I knew it was a special one-of-a-kind film that lends itself well to unconventional techniques that produce beautiful images. However, I didn't know that it would sell for two and a half times more than when I bought it new!

So in honor of the artists still creating these types of prints (or maybe they're just hoarders, I don't know), this month's pick is a Polaroid transfer print of a friend. This is Akim Funk Buddha, shot in Union Square, NYC.

Looking at this and many more of my Polaroid transfer prints, it makes me a bit nostalgic for it... I'm glad I kept a couple packs of the film, and the camera I used to capture this photo.


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