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One of my favorite artists, Olafur Eliasson, just "ended" his latest exhibition. To say it ended is not quite accurate. The piece - 100+ tons of glacial ice placed in front of Copenhagen's city hall to coincide with the release of the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - is gone. It melted in just 4 days, which was the point after all.

While I appreciate this latest work, it's his lighting/visual work that moves me the most. He creates environments where we can experience light and color in ways previously only achievable in dreams.

A few years ago he had a major exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Stunning pieces that make you marvel at their simplicity while swooning over their beauty. There was also a section that showed his musings in his studio, sort of like three-dimensional doodles, all sorts of geometrical shapes of widely varying complexity made of wire, cardboard and the like. Absolutely fascinating.

It was after seeing the huge immersive pieces and peeking into the mind and mania of the artist that we were on our way out of the museum. Off to the side, around a corner, there seemed to be something going on though it was unmarked. We took a peek and entered the room you see in this month's photo.

It was just a square room with white walls and ceiling as you'd find in any art gallery. In the center was a relatively simple contraption that had lights pointing outward and in front of the lights there were colored glass panels that would move seemingly randomly, creating constantly changing stripes that filled the entire room.

When you enter the room, you - and everybody else in there - become part of this living light installation.

The room seemed almost an afterthought, as if amongst all the items shipped in from his studio there was this 360 degree color projector thingie in there and they decided to set it up in this empty room off to the side.

It turned out to be one of my favorite pieces.


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