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This one is a bit different, but I love it and the story goes...

Earlier last month we arrived back in NYC after a 3 week cross-country trip to Burning Man. Usually the drive back is fairly sufficient time to decompress and prepare to re-enter the "default world," as we call it.

This year, I was having a hard time with re-entry. l don't know why, but it was much harder than previous and out of depression, moodiness, and just not being able to get back in the swing of things.

My birthday fell just a week and a half after we got back, and I knew I needed something. The weather looked great so we decided to go to "The End." We went camping out in Montauk at the east end of Long Island...past the overblown Hamptons, to what is still largely a fishing village and surf town.

We spent a couple of glorious days out there biking around, lazing on the beach, exploring, and feasting on incredible seafood.

One of the highlights was my birthday lunch. We went up to a restaurant at the inlet to the harbor where we watched the boats come and go. I was after oysters, and the local Montauk Pearls did not disappoint. In fact, they were surprisingly good - comparable to some of the Pacific northwest delicacies! Oysters on the half-shell, clams oreganata, lobster roll...all washed down with the local Montauk Brewery's Driftwood Ale. Yummmmm.

As I took my final sip, seeing the last foamy remnants and the inlet/Atlantic Ocean distorted through the bottom of a pint glass, it made me think of a wave. I took this shot to send to the surfer guys at the brewery, but I like it so much I chose it for this month's photo.

Oh, and that trip definitely helped me decompress and re-enter NY life.


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