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from randy kato

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At this moment, we are in the desert - one even more vast and remote than the one you see above - and off the grid. But through the miracle of modern technology I was able to have a robot do my bidding and send this month's photo.

The desert in this picture is the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, site of countless land speed records. It's on our way to Burning Man toward the end of our long drive from NY, and we stop there every time.

We love it. Can't you tell?

This shot was from a previous year, but the feeling is the same. It's like a spiritual appetizer whetting our appetites for the feast that is Burning Man.

Which is where we are now. Today is our last full day in the Black Rock Desert, and if past experience is any indicator, we're overflowing with . . . well, what you see in this photo!


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