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We are in the heart of summer and that means festival season. I am so lucky and grateful to have been invited to a number of my favorite ones this year.

As I decompress from the most recent one and prepare for the next (biggest) one, this image really conveys how I feel.

The beauty and joy that can erupt when people come together to work and play is magical. Just look at these people joining together in a circle to create a little world of enchantment under a colorful dancing canopy. Enlarge the image and you can see the fun on their faces - adults at play with the wide-eyed wonder of children.

And this is just one brief moment in one tiny corner of an event aptly named Kaleidoscope. It's not a festival per se, but it's a one day roving party/parade/spectacle/celebration that travels all over NYC spreading the aforementioned beauty and joy.

This particular shot was taken on Roosevelt Island where I used to live.

Happy Summer!


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