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I was recently returning from a road trip to North Carolina. On the drive, while still out in the countryside before hitting the interstate, I briefly spied three white horses on a grassy knoll.

It reminded me of this image. Actually it reminded me of the experience of which this photo is just a memento.

This was taken in the south of France, far from the pavement's end in Beauduc, La Camargue. Described as completely "sauvage" and "la Fin du Monde," Beauduc is an incredibly odd and beautiful world all its own. All strangely coexisting in this network of sandbars and brackish swamps are gypsies, flamingoes, wind junkies (like us who went there for kiteboarding), bulls, European white trash, and . . . white horses.

Wild white horses.

I can tell you that it's quite something to wake up, unzip your tent, and come face to face with wild horses checking you out.


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