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This month I will be performing in a circus theater show about Greek Gods and mythology called "Olympus" - so my mind naturally wandered back to a trip to Greece long ago.

Athens was a middle stop in a trip around the world, but it turned into the final stop in the blink of an eye.

After traveling all over Asia, exploring Australia, and tasting Africa, I touched down in Europe as the sun rose over Athens. I was all set to explore Europe with my unlimited Eurail Pass, which I had insured against loss/theft. I was hungry and it was too early to do much else, so I went to a cafe to grab a sandwich. I was a pretty savvy traveler and normally I keep my bag between my feet with the strap around my leg, but this place had high stools with backs, so instead I placed it behind my back so I was sitting against it. I leaned forward to take a bite of my sandwich and when I sat back . . .

In an instant, everything changed. Passport, wallet with credit cards, journal, camera with film shot in Egypt's City of the Dead, Eurail Pass. All gone. They said it must have been that gypsy woman who was lurking around. Not that it mattered.

Did I mention this was early on a Saturday morning? The U.S. Consulate, as well as banks were closed all weekend. I was stateless, anonymous, and roaming a strange city with nothing but the few drachmas I had in my pocket.

At least the Eurail Pass was insured, right? Right. But the insurance doesn't kick in until the pass has been validated with a visit to a train station. I'd gone straight from the airport to the cafe.

But life goes on, and as long as I was in Athens I was going to check it out as best I could. All I could manage with the little cash I had and no passport/ID, was a disposable camera and a cheap bus tour of the top tourist sites.

Thus, this month's photo of the Parthenon - similar, I imagine to the Acropolis atop Mount Olympus.

When I scanned the negative I immediately thought I'd need to do some work on the image, but then I realized that the colors and exposure are all due to the disposable camera and actually give it a vintage look that nowadays, people apply digital filters to achieve. So here it is, unedited.


BTW, if you're in NYC April 10, 11 or 12, come see Olympus!

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