photo of the month
from randy kato


In the wake of two polar vortices - and following a string of rather balmy images - I figured I'd select a seasonally-appropriate shot this month.

No exotic location or riveting perspective here. It's just a fire hydrant on my street, taken almost exactly one year ago.

But what I find interesting about this picture is how it turns the figurative into the literal. A photograph captures a moment frozen in time, but this moment was already frozen.

When I saw this there was a surrealism to the scene as the rest of the world was in motion, but this gushing flowing water was 'frozen' as if by some Matrix-esque video trickery. And as I look at it now I can imagine that it's not ice, but liquid pouring out of the hydrant onto the sidewalk and flowing into the street...only figuratively frozen by a camera.


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