photo of the month
from randy kato


This whole twerking thing is out of hand. Usually these things disappear as quickly as they pop up, but this one just won't die. Now I love New Orleans and while, honestly, the culture that gave us twerking is a part of why I love it, it bothers me that this craze is monopolizing NoLa's identity of late.

So, I chose this month's photo to counteract that effect.

This is a swamp of New Orleans. It is a place of surreal natural beauty and mystique. Spooky yet inviting, still yet full of life. When I look at this image I feel calm and contemplative. I can - and have - stared at it for hours.

When you think of something to gaze at, I guess this is about as far from twerking videos as you can get. You're welcome. ;^]

I shot this on slide film and cross-processed it to get a negative, thus the cool color shift, making the place appear even more alien.


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