photo of the month
from randy kato


This month we had a bit of a scare. Perhaps you remember a couple months ago I selected a photo of one of the final moments in our previous studio space that we had to vacate. Since then we have found and settled into a new studio that we really like, shared with the same wonder-full people from our previous space.

All of a sudden a couple weeks ago we were greeted with notices on the door saying that we were illegally occupying the space, and there were talks of police being called and locks being changed.

The ship was sinking.

The building management terminated the lease of the guy we were subletting from. Yet while that ship sank, the management sent us all lifeboats and gave us official new leases. Everything worked out, even better than before.

Somehow the situation reminded me of this image...and how there can be beauty in the aftermath of a tragedy.

This big rusty hulk sits in the azure waters of St. George's Harbour, Bermuda. I found it fascinating and beautiful - a testament to humans' creativity coupled with their fallibility - literally immersed in nature's magnificence.


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