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from randy kato


This is Bliss.

Or, more accurately, Bliss Dance by sculptor Marco Cochrane. I first met Bliss in 2010, way way out in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. That's right, at Burning Man. It wasn't until recently that I got to see her again.

She is magnificent - truly one of the most breathtaking, dynamic, and simply gorgeous pieces of art I have ever seen. Thanks to the Black Rock Arts Foundation, she now dances on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.

If you think she appears huge, you are not mistaken. This is no trick of lenses and angles. Bliss stands 40 feet tall. Yet her size is nothing compared to her power. You feel it in her presence - it's almost as if she could play with the sun or crush the Golden Gate Bridge with her toes.

We made a special trip to Treasure Island just to see Bliss, but stumbled upon a huge invitation to come visit the studio just a couple blocks away! To call it a studio is a stretch, as it's the size of an airplane hangar, and to venture inside was akin to entering Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The magic that happens here - the wonders that are created and housed here...literally jaw-dropping.

The place is home to not just Marco Cochrane and the piece he took to Burning Man this year, 55 foot tall Truth Is Beauty, but also to a number of our other favorite artists like Peter Hudson (Charon, Tantalus, Humouroboros, etc.), Mark Lotter (Cubatron), Michael Christian (Home), Katy Boynton (Heartfullness), and so many more! It also overlooks The Bay Lights - the world's largest LED light sculpture that brings the San Francisco Bay Bridge to life - by Leo Villareal.

This photo is special to me, but there are so many truly incredible photos of Bliss out there you should check them out, as well as those of her 55 foot tall sister Truth Is Beauty.


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