photo of the month
from randy kato


I just returned from a wondrous journey in Turkey and Greece. And as I try to whittle down a couple thousand photos into a manageable gallery, I realized I need to select a single photo for this month.

Surely I could find one among all these.

Easier said than done. I have a plethora of lovely images from this trip and they all have stories attached to them. But I persevered and am proud to present this month's pick.

One of the places we could not miss in Turkey was Cappadocia. It's a place out of a fairy tale with otherworldly landscapes and houses (and hotels and churches and dovecotes) carved into surreal rock formations.

Adding to the fairy tale setting was being able to take flight in and around this magical land. This shot is of a few of the other hot air balloons that joined us at sunrise, floating up for an eagle's view, then dropping down into the canyons over and over. What an incredible experience...and when we landed we got medals and a champagne toast!

There are just three balloons in this shot, but we were joined by over 80 that morning. During high season they said there are usually 120+ balloons in the air each day! So imagine that in addition to this gorgeous landscape, you've got a skyscape filled with dozens of colorful floating inverted tear drops. Breathtaking.

And to top it all off, we were honored to have Turkey's very first - and still one of the only - female pilots at the controls.


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