photo of the month
from randy kato


It's been a month of convergence. Earlier this month I was teaching and performing at Hoop Convergence in North Carolina, and as you read this I am in Istanbul, a crossroads where empires, continents, and cultures converge.

My home, New York City, is another place of convergence and since I've been away for almost a month now I chose this photo as a sort of postcard to say "I'll be home soon."

I find the usual views of the Brooklyn Bridge, and other landmarks, somewhat tired. So I like to present different views - easy to do with architecture that you can be inside.

I find the geometry in this shot very interesting, lots of converging lines. It draws you into a number of different spots, though they're all in the same general area. The faceless people marching inward makes me think of Fritz Lang - ironic since they're walking away from the metropolis of Manhattan.


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