photo of the month
from randy kato


This month has been full of anticipation. Eagerly looking forward to the glory that is NYC in spring & summer, adventures in faraway lands, and seeing how many recently planted seeds of creativity may bloom.

This photo stirs up memories of all these same feelings from a time far in the past, yet near to my heart.

"Back in the day" in my first few years in NYC, I was part of a circle of friends - artists all - and we were known as Wanderlust. It's not really possible to define what Wanderlust was, but let's just say it was a creative cauldron bubbling over with energy and inspiration, full of musicians, dancers, visual artists, writers, sculptors, and imaginative expressive people of all sorts. Those were heady times.

One summer we bought a converted school bus. I quit my job, and along with 11 others, piled into that big silver spectacle for a cross-country adventure. This picture is from our first day on the road.

I remember this time and the excitement and anticipation of what lie ahead, but I have always loved this photo visually for many reasons. I love my friend Kathi's position, it's casual, but there's some attitude there. The colors are great (it was a very colorful bunch), especially with the red, silver, and blue as we embark on our journey across America. And I love the perspective looking rearward as we leave Wanderlust's birthplace behind to fulfill our moniker. It somehow looks back and forward simultaneously.


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