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from randy kato


The groundhog lied. Spring officially began a week and a half ago . . . and then it snowed.

So to compensate, I skipped the usual spring photo and am going with a full-on summer one.

Some years ago I was a sailor aboard some antique sailboats. We would mostly take passengers for 2-3 hour cruises around New York Harbor, but every so often we would go to sea. This was usually at the beginning or end of the season to deliver the boat to or from its winter home.

This month's photo is from one of those trips. It was actually the delivery of a new - if you could call a schooner built in 1929 "new" - boat to the NY scene. We picked it up in St. Augustine, Florida and sailed it back.

Now, 1000 miles by sea takes a while, and you encounter some amazing things when you spend many days out on the open ocean. Some are quite thrilling like dolphins swimming and leaping alongside the boat, bioluminescent plankton, flying fish leaping on board, etc. But some are quite boring, like the doldrums.

What you see here is our (successful) attempt to liven up the doldrums. What do you do when even though all your sails are up you aren't moving because there isn't the slightest puff of wind? You jump right into the deep blue sea!


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