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from randy kato


We recently had a surprise visitor to NYC, an old friend from many years ago when we were new to the city, wide-eyed and full of wanderlust.

Of course, some wander farther than others, and this one - along with his partner - go the farthest. From the steppes of outer Mongolia to deep into the ___stans of western Asia, they venture to places that would frighten most people...if they've even heard of them.

But he brings back incredible stories and images from these places. Which I guess is why he's a National Geographic photographer.

As we reminisced about the great times we had "back in the day" a number of images came to mind. This one is from one of our far out urban adventures.

The location where this photo was taken is now a state park, but back then it was an off-limits urban wasteland overgrown with weeds, littered with the rotting carcasses of vehicles and half-sunken ferries, and featuring a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. In other words, the perfect place to explore and spend a night under the full moon.

Full moonlight is something I enjoy taking pictures by - as you may have noticed from last month's photo. I used it again here to shoot my friend(s) in this long exposure atop one of the aforementioned rotting hulks.

In his typical style, he wouldn't stand still...always on the move!


* See the addendum to this issue for a note from the subject and links to his work.

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