photo of the month
from randy kato


For the past couple months I've avoided posting a typical spring shot. With the crazy weather, a garden that never went to sleep for winter, and plants blooming a month or two early, I never felt that moment when spring sprung. It was all out of whack.

This photo is very spring-like, but that's not why I chose it. I chose it for the art.

I was recently at the MoMA, surrounded by some of the finest artwork in the world. Outside in the sculpture garden, I explored new works and smiled at old favorites. Once I had wandered the entire garden and seen "everything" I was just enjoying the lovely spring day.

It was then that I noticed, beneath the wilting tulips, a blanket of deep purple. As I moved in to take a closer look I suddenly saw a horde of tiny creatures looking at me! I was greatly amused by their grumpy little mustachioed Ewok-like faces ironically depicted in such cheerful colors. I really felt like they were posing for the picture.

Amongst the Picassos, Giacomettis and Rodins, this was the art that most enchanted me that day - the art of nature.


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