photo of the month
from randy kato


At first glance it may look like I've chosen a virgin snow-covered landscape for this month's photo - perhaps as some sort of lament for a snowless winter here in NYC. But that's not the case.

Recently somebody mentioned White Sands, New Mexico to me and my heart leapt as it is one of my favorite places. Vast dunes of pure white gypsum sand that look like snow, causing the senses to clash in the sweltering heat of a Southwestern summer.

The way the dunes reflect color and light is mesmerizing. It's a blank canvas that undulates like silk in the wind, and it picks up all the subtle changes of the sunset sky above.

It is a place of surreal and supreme beauty.

This picture was taken on my first (of many) visits to White Sands, and it is also the first print I ever made in a color darkroom.


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