photo of the month
from randy kato


A couple weeks ago Annie Leibovitz delivered a shocker. When asked what she told people who asked her what camera to buy, she couldn't stop gushing about the iPhone.

Since I've also been very impressed with the iPhone's camera from the start - and I must admit, I've had every model - I decided to choose an iPhone picture for this month's photo. The latest model (iPhone 4S) has a greatly improved camera that's quite impressive, particularly in low light.

So I chose a photo taken at dusk... of holiday decorations. 'Tis the season, right?

This is the Urban Plaza in Hudson Square, NYC, after day one of a two-day installation of thousands upon thousands of fluorescent zip ties transforming cold mundane light posts into colorful whimsical public works of art for the holidays. There are 23 of these poles spread throughout the neighborhood, most of them full-size street light poles. So if you're in the neighborhood, check them out. And/or see an earlier installation that's still up in and around Astor Place.

I had the great privilege of working on this "Flaming Cactus" project by Animus Arts Collective, and can honestly say photos don't do it justice.


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