photo of the month
from randy kato


As I looked through photos trying to choose one for this month, I was drawn to an image that had long intrigued me, but it was only a small thumbnail image, something from an old roll of film that I had quickly scanned at low resolution purely for cataloging.

The image was quite dark and was mainly just a vignetted silhouette with nice colors from the setting sun. But the silhouette is iconic. You know what this month's photo is.

I chose this photo because I had recently been thinking about the place it was taken. In fact, the day I chose it there was a teach-in led by Egyptian revolutionaries - including Nobel Peace Prize finalist Ahmed Maher - down in Liberty Square (at OccupyWallStreet).

As I re-scanned the negative, I saw that it wasn't as dark as the thumbnail image I had been so attracted to earlier, and you could see a good amount of detail in the foreground. I didn't like it.

The dark version - which I intentionally reproduced above - is to me unspoiled. This is a view without the cars, roads, fences, lights, tourists, vendors and all the things that come with the commercialization of the pyramids.

I like it because it's uncorrupted.

And that leads me to a deeper connection with this image. As we occupy Wall Street and hundreds of other places around the world, inspired largely by what happened earlier this year in Egypt, it is because we all want essentially the same thing - a world uncorrupted.


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