photo of the month
from randy kato


This month's photo is a remembrance. It's a bit of a twist on last month's photo from up high of a place that no longer exists. This place still exists, but it's sky-high vantage point is no more.

It's hard to believe it has been 10 years since "9/11" was changed from just another date into a title of infamy. I still see the visions of that day as clearly as if it were yesterday. "We will never forget" is a promise, but also a curse.

So as the 9/11 Memorial opens to the public, and the Freedom Tower - only partially built - already rises high above all of its neighbors, I felt compelled to choose this image as photo of the month.

When I first came to New York City 15 years ago, I did all the touristy things that tend to lose their appeal the longer one lives here and transforms into a jaded New Yorker. One of the first on the list was going up to the World Trade Center Observation Deck on the 107th floor of the south tower, where I took this photo.

Here you see the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges spanning the East River from a point in space never to be visited again. The Freedom Tower rises a block north of where the south tower stood, and no aircraft will be allowed in this space above the memorial (and so close to the new building).

It's pretty amazing how everything looks miniature...without the use of the trendy tilt-shift lenses of today. It reminds me just how tall those towers were. The "little" buildings whose rooftops you see are actually skyscrapers in their own right.


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