photo of the month
from randy kato


This month I've been experiencing a lot of conflicts - they're positive - but conflicts all the same. As we swing headlong into summer there are so many wonderful things happening that it makes me wish I could be in two, three or six places all at once.

There are some places and events that were so special to me that I often picture myself back there. This month's photo is all about going back to a special place.

This photo from Zion National Park is a bit of a cliché and technically not such a great photograph. But what it does achieve - and why it appeals to me - is that it puts me right back there in that place. In that moment.

The key to it all is the feet. My feet. The feet that make the image so cliché are also the feet that carried me up the canyon to this majestic vista. Without the feet it's still a majestic vista, but it doesn't transport me there where I can feel the rock beneath my butt or taste the clean air.

The perspective is significant as well. This is exactly what I was seeing as I sat there taking it all in. I didn't get up and move around to find the perfect angle; just picked up the camera and captured the moment. Because of that I can look at this picture and truly feel like I'm there again.


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