photo of the month
from randy kato


I like fire. There is, of course, the elemental nature of it that draws me to it in much the same way as water, earth and air. I try to maintain strong relationships with all four, but lately I've been drawn like a moth to this one in particular, playing with it, dancing with it, letting it engulf me.

So this month's photo is a bit obvious, I guess. It's a scene from Burning Man. But let's look beyond the sculpture, the costumes and the kiss...

This is a scene turned inside-out. By fire.

In the cold desert darkness, people gather under the bright warm "shade" of a flaming flower. Think about that - that's just backwards. Yet, there it is: shade, redefined by fire. It's almost as if this photo were a metaphorical negative.

I love this photo for many reasons (such as the ones I asked you to overlook earlier), but it really is the transformation by fire that intrigues me the most. Transformation by fire is actually something I'm experiencing in my life this year. Only time will tell how it may redefine me.


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