photo of the month
from randy kato


I suppose it's my excitement about an upcoming trip to a Latin-American Caribbean country that made my decision for this month's image easy.

In 1998 a bunch of friends and I traveled to Venezuela for the solar eclipse. We camped on the beach - in a little slice of paradise - and would take occasional trips into the town of Puerto Cabello for food, shopping and culture.

On one of these trips we were exploring the bustling market, overwhelmed with the colorful and vibrant South American exuberance before us.

I sat down and turned my attention away from all the commotion. Right across the street was this scene - every bit as colorful, yet completely different in mood, energy and spirit.

Our trip was incredibly eventful, but in the midst of all the adventures (and misadventures) it was this quiet moment that struck me as the most genuine glimpse of normal life in the town.


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