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from randy kato

Last month was World Hoop Day (on 10/10/10), and today is NYC Hoopers Day, so in honor of the hoop this month's photo is of a hoop jam at Spin Cycle camp at Burning Man.

Fittingly, this is a 360° image taken with a Lomography Spinner 360° camera - a full circle image! The camera spins around, exposing a long strip of 35mm film, sprocket holes included. There is a little overlap so you can see the same hoopers (a split second earlier/later) at both ends of the shot.

I am a hooper. I love hooping as well as watching others of all levels hoop. It is impossible to hoop and not be in a good mood. If you have access to a hoop, just try it some time. Whether it's overcoming your own self-consciousness and allowing yourself to "try some silly kid's toy" or getting blissed out hoop dancing to your favorite song, I guarantee you'll come out of it smiling and/or laughing.

So being in the center of this hoop jam, in the midst of Burning Man, was one of the most beautiful and inspirational experiences I've had. And I had to try to capture it. Luckily I had this unconventional camera that let me do so the way no other traditional camera could.

This one absolutely needs to be seen bigger, so click the image to view a higher resolution version.

NOTE: if your viewing on a browser that automatically resizes big images to fit into the window, click that image again to view it full size (your cursor will turn into a magnifying glass with a "+" sign in it) and scroll through the image.

Of course, hooping/spinning is all about motion so a still photo can't do it proper justice. If you want to see more of the Spin Cycle jam check out this incredible video (not mine) from 2009.


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