photo of the month
from randy kato

I just recently returned from Burning Man, and I'm having a hard time getting it out of my head. It's not that I want it out of my head, but it's sitting there, center stage, like a 500lb gorilla. So this month's photo is from earlier this month in Black Rock City.

One of the infinite and ever-growing number of things I love about Burning Man are the kids. There aren't many but they're there, and they're awesome! Look at these guys - they're rockstars, superheroes.

I don't mean they're just dressed up that way. They are rockstar superheroes. On the playa, anything is possible, just like in a kid's imagination. So if you want to climb - or fly - up to the top of that sculpture, survey your kingdom, and pose for your adoring fans, you go!

When I see kids on the playa, looking around as wide-eyed and slack-jawed as me, I wish I could see Burning Man through their eyes. It's a perfect place for kids. A place of wonder and innocence - uncorrupted by money, greed or prejudice. A place where nobody tells you you can't do something, but where everybody tells you you can do anything.

This photo was taken in the late day light at The Honey Trap, a few hours before it was burned. Not only were these two too cool for school, but their pose created another hexagonal cell - rockstar superheroes joining forces to take the art to a higher place.


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