photo of the month
from randy kato


Unless you're in the southern hemisphere it's summer, and there's nothing quite like jumping into the water to make the August heat seem somehow worthwhile.

So this month's photo is a teaser, frozen a split-second before that refreshing plunge. Anticipation unfulfilled. It's that moment after you've gathered up the nerve and made the leap, when the adrenaline pumps, your mind races and asks a million questions that it's too late to answer.... is the water cold? will this hurt? what will become of little Shamu? (Don't worry, he survived.)

I love this picture for the precise instant in time it captures - I mean, look at their faces! But in a similar way to how the panoramic format exposes a wider view, the picture portrays a wider window of time than just that moment. It's two weeks in the south of France celebrating love with a bunch of friends both old and new on our own private estate. I love this picture for those people and for that experience.

It's an exhilarating reminder of how bright, colorful, gleeful and rapturous life can be....and should be. So don't be timid; don't be complacent. Jump right in!

This one needs to be seen bigger, so click the image to view a higher resolution version.


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