photo of the month
from randy kato

This is a special issue of Photo of the Month. It was one year ago that I started this little lark, and I must say it has been quite enjoyable. What pleases me even more is that from your feedback it seems like you enjoy it as much as, or more than, I do.

I was thinking about what photo to use for this first anniversary. Firsts was a theme that stuck in my head. I've also been thinking a lot about shooting film rather than digital, and how much I miss my good old Nikon F3 - sold (while it was still worth something) to fund my foray into digital photography. It's sad when I think of all I've been through with that camera.

So in a little tribute to my F3, here is the first shot I ever took with it.

It was the first camera I bought when I began getting more seriously interested in photography. I had just brought it home with a nice wide lens and couldn't wait to go out and play. Lucky for me, I had one of the most photo-opportunistic places in the world just a couple short blocks from my home, Tompkins Square Park, East Village, NYC.

I was drawn by the sound of a muted trumpet, and knew that this was where I should start. For this picture I also tried out another cool feature of the F3. The viewfinder comes off, so you can hold the camera low and compose/focus looking down at the focusing screen on top of the need to lay on the ground to get a shot like this.


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