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from randy kato


Photographs can transport you. Forget the thousand words - I mean physically, sensually, beyond just sight and intellect. Some photos are like portals into a different place and time, where you can feel the temperature, sense the aromas and sounds. You can almost taste it.

This is a place I like to go often, and thanks to the large print I have above my bed, I can be transported there any time. It's just off the beach at Sammy T's Resort on Cat Island, Bahamas.

Of course, I was there and can recall the actual sensations I felt at the time, but you may need a little help. Imagine this... It's March, cold in NYC. So you escape to an idyllic, deserted, soft sand beach with crystal clear water in shades of blue you can't believe are real. It's a sunny 75° and the water is even warmer.

You slip into the tepid brine and enter a magical world below the surface. It's clear, calm and quiet in that muffled underwater way. There are no waves, just gently undulating ripples casting refracted sunlight that dances on the ridges of sand below, then reflecting it all back again. You float weightless in the middle of it all.

It's meditative. It's a place that is so comfortable, so beautiful and so serene you just don't want to leave . . . until you get hungry for conch salad and Kalik beer! ;0]

This water had been calling me for decades. When I was a kid, my parents took me on a Caribbean cruise aboard the largest cruise ship in the world (at the time). As we pulled into Nassau, I stared down over the rail mesmerized. I could see everything clearly, the coral on the bottom, turtles, fish of all sizes and colors. I asked how such a big ship could be in such shallow water and was told it was over 40 feet deep! I always wanted to return to explore the Bahamian waters. It was worth the wait.


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